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25 Years of Service

September 30, 2013
25 Years of Service

For 25 years, since the opening of The Peninsula New York on 8th December, 1988, the staff of the hotel have been loyally serving guests in true Peninsula style. A testament to the hotel’s friendly working environment, they have all become part of The Peninsula family. Twenty-one employees have been part of that family since the day The Peninsula New York opened its doors and on the day of the hotel’s 25th Anniversary, these long-serving individuals were personally thanked by The Honourable Sir Michael Kadoorie, Chairman of the Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited, the parent company of The Peninsula Hotels, for their hard work and commitment to the hotel at a private ceremony. 

Comprising a wide range of nationalities from far and wide, the twenty-one staff members are united through belonging to what they refer to as ‘The Peninsula Family’. “I have worked the night shift from midnight to 8:00am for the past 25 years,” says Watch Engineer Alden Inniss. “I have witnessed the growth of the hotel over the years and am very proud to have been a part of that. I consider it a real privilege to be part of The Peninsula New York family.”

Seamstress Le Mang Lieu agrees, saying, “I love being here. This is like my second home with all of my family in it. Filled with uncles, sisters, nephews, cousins, sons and daughters, they are all here.” 

Stewarding Supervisor Rafael Firpo’s first job was at The Peninsula after he arrived in New York from the Dominican Republic. “The Peninsula was like a gift for me at the time,” he recalls. “I really appreciate the loyalty the hotel has shown me and I have given mine in return.” 

“Every day is a happy day at The Peninsula,” says Room Attendant Helen Moy. “We have been through many crises together, including 9/11, the transit strike, Hurricane Sandy and SARS, but these events have brought us even closer together.”

Bell Captain Patrick Wong is also passionate about his job. “I have so many familiar faces that I love to see. Guests who have stayed with us for decades I know and am happy to see whenever they are with us. I also appreciate the great management. We really are encouraged to stay five-star strong in everything that we do and it makes me proud.”