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Indulge in the lap of luxury and experience a skin-changing facial delivering instant results and benefits that last long beyond the treatment room. In honour of our 30th anniversary, The Peninsula Spa is pleased to offer the most extravagant and results-driven facial on the market developed by Medical Beauty Research (MBR).

Building upon MBR’s proven Age-defying Customized facial, this bespoke 90-minute experience includes four treatment enhancements to deliver deeper, instant results. Highlighting the quartet of enhancements is the inclusion of MBR’s Liquid Surgery Serum, a revolutionary product based on a medical synthetic oxygen carrier, for a complete rejuvenation of the cell metabolism, revealing an exceptionally perfect complexion. Allowing the results to continue outside the spa, those who indulge in this experience will receive a complimentary bottle of Liquid Surgery Serum to take home, a retail value of US$ 1,724.

Additional treatment enhancements include MBR’s Bust Up Concentrate to promote skin elasticity, MBR’s Executive Gel Mask to replenish the lipid barrier and smooth the surface structure of the face and either MBR’s Hand Treatment, to relieve hyperpigmentation, or Foot Treatment, to treat painful, heavy and swollen legs and feet.

MBR Indulgent Facial Inclusions:

  • MBR Age-defying Customized 90-minute Facial
  • MBR Liquid Surgery Enhancement
  • MBR Cell-Power Bust Up Concentrate
  • MBR Executive Gel Mask
  • MBR Hand or Foot Treatment
  • 1.7 oz MBR Liquid Surgery Serum to take home

Price: US$ 3,000 (includes tax and gratuity)

About MBR Age-defying Customized Facial

This customized MBR facial is grounded in the patented technology that extracts higher concentrations of medical-grade active ingredients to treat on a cellular level down to the dermal layer of the skin in order to revive and hydrate the skin’s natural cell functions, restore firmness and elasticity and regenerate collagen and elastin fibers. MBR’s unique three-step process is treated on the face, neck and décolleté to Open (cleanse and enzyme peel), Treat (stimulate the dermis and epidermis for increased collagen production) and Close (seal ingredients in the skin to maximize resiliency). This age-defying treatment is an excellent accompaniment to pre- and post-surgical procedures as well as for those seeking a significant reduction of wrinkles, sun damage and sagging skin for a visibly youthful, revitalized and radiant complexion.

About MBR Liquid Surgery

Banish dull winter skin with MBR’s Liquid Surgery, a miraculous product that provides skin with the added protection it needs during the rough cold weather season. This product helps heal and hydrate the skin by literally infusing oxygen and nutrients down to the dermal layer, resulting in a bright, rosy and dewy complexion.

  • Plumps up wrinkles as if from the inside and smoothes skin
  • Replenishes moisture reservoirs
  • Increases the skin’s water-binding capacity
  • Boosts collagen synthesis so the skin regains tone and firmness
  • Visibly relaxes facial features
  • Stimulates the conversion of oxygen in the cells and blocks free radicals